Here’s another article that talks about Segway. It talks about how fast it goes and sheds light as it helps dispel some of its myths.

Human lives has enjoyed premium value from segway since its invention by Dean Kamen in 2001. Though surrounded by a lot of myths, somehow, it has been able to capture the heart of people towards it.

Like we know, myths are highly held beliefs by people that appear to be true but are not true. Before we start addressing this myths, let’s talk about segways and why you should consider getting one for yourself as your personal transporter.

What you should know about segway?


The Segway is an innovative electric scooter that serves as a personal transporter used to commute from one place to another by riders. The two-wheeled, electric, portable, self-balancing device is known for the multifunctionality and self convenience it affords its users. It’s sophisticated sensors help process our body movements which in turn causes its wheels to move.

Aside from this, the segway electric scooter has a compact size that makes it more convenient for riders. Its portability affords it to be used in any setting as it weighs just about 20pounds. It can mostly fit into any bag or car trunk and can be brought out for use on the use; ‘Always on the go’.

Furthermore, its small size and portability allow it to be easily navigated through small tight spaces and curves. It could be driven indoors and outdoors. Riders have over time appreciated this invention that displays a high level of brilliance. A rider in his excitement confessed to having been able to save more that year simply because of his segway. No need to take Uber or walk down long distances, simply because segway got you covered.

Once properly charged, you can be sure to have to segway serve you under any setting and to accompany you to anywhere you would want It to. In case you are still delibrating on why you should get it, perhaps, you might want to do it to help you meet up or even exceed your saving goals for the year.

How does segway work?

One amazing and unique thing about segway is the balancing act which is the key to its operation. One can easily tell that Kamen’s model of operation for it is the human body.

Similar to the human brain, the segway can tell when the human body is leaning forward. To move forward or backward, the rider simply leans forward or backward. Also, to turn it to the left or right, all the rider has to do is to turn the right handlebar forward or backward. All of this is basically to help maintain balance on your E-vehicle.

Finally to one of the businesses of the day, I would love to help you know about the speed of the segway.


How fast does a segway go?

Each Segway personal transport has two settings. These settings is to help the rider have and be consistent with his speed on their E-vehicle. The beginner mode can cover a distance of 6mph, while the standard setting can go as far as 12.5mph.

Because the drive is aided by electric motors, this makes the ride easy, comfortable and fun. A segway ‘s speed/travel distance is determined by the cargo it is carrying, the terrain it is exploring, and the riding style of the rider. All of these determines how fast your segway can go.

How fast does a segway go? Let’s try to answer this question by referring to 2 of the fastest segways in the world.

Ninebot Max by Segway

Segway MINI pro

Segway Ninebot Max

The Ninebot Max has got to be one of the vehicles to die for. As an upgrade and one of the latest personal transporter produced by Segway, it is designed to be the most powerful, appealing, attractive, and firm electric scooter.


As an E-scooter, it has pneumatic wheels of 10 inches which makes it suitable and perfect for rough terrains and speed bumps. Its body frame is made from Aluminium and Acrylic materials ans it is perfect for unisex riders.

Although an extra-large vehicle size, the Ninebot Max has a folding mechanism that can be easily implemented in less than a minute. That is to say, it can be carried in the trunk of your car and even a public transport to ride when you get down.

This Segway can reach up to a max speed of 18mph while travelling at a range of 35miles with a riders weight or load of 180lbs. Equipped with a Smart Battery Management System, this allows you to monitor, safeguard and conserve your battery’s life while riding or when not in use.

With an unchallengeable and undisputed superior technology like Bluetooth, LED lights, mobile app control which allows you to safeguard and enable the Anti-theft feature of the Scooter, this scooter also comes with a self-regenerative tire feature.

To top it up, it is ideal for daily commute and weighs just 23.5kg. It also has a 1-year warranty although limited and comes with a bell to alert pedestrians. What then is not to love about this Segway?

Pros & Cons


  • It has a good grip even in rain
  • The feet can stay comfortably as it has a lot of space
  • Comfortable, safe and fun
  • Its headlight is perfect for night rides
  • Fast charging
  • Safer mechanical hand brake and more stable


  • Very low rear light
  • Heavy

Segway Minipro

The minipro weighs about 12.8kg and can go as fast as 18km in less than a minute. This is four times faster than walking. It is equally stable while standing even when the rider is crossing a slope or hilly part.


The minipro has a self-balancing algorithm as one of its unique features and is assisted by a dual motor rated 800W. It is suitable for a minimum of 80Ibs to 220Ibs and can go as far as 14miles before needing a charge. Such range is absolutely impressive if you ask me, it explains why the Segway lives on recharged battery.

However, you should note that though Segway minipro has what it takes to climb lofty heights, the battery level drains faster when you do this. To keep the battery from draining fast, make sure that the PSI on the wheels is at the supposed level just so you could get the best of the battery life.

With a mile range of 12.5 miles on a top speed of 10mph you can determine how fast your Segway can go but you can limit your max speed to 4.3mph at 7km/h. It ensures a safe ride by complying with the UL2272 fire safety standard.

Pros & Cons


  • It can be ridden with or without any training whatsoever
  • Its Bluetooth helps provide the rider with statistics.
  • The minipro is water resistant.


  • Segway minipro doesn’t easily lock up to avoid theft.
  • Not paying attention to how to maintain balance can keep the rider off balance.

Some myths to be dispelled


Although Segway cannot boast to be the manufacturer of the fastest electric vehicle in the world, they are not lagging far behind. With inventions like Segway Apex and Segway Apex H2 that we hope would be out in the market soon, this makes them technologically advancing. The Apex h2 is said to run on hydrogen which makes it a hydrogen-hybrid sports car.
As noted in this article, a Segway can go up to speeds of 18mph which is relatively fast and makes a fun ride. Most scooters also comes with riding modes so that one can adjust and enjoy their drive as they seem fit. This is hindered though when the battery is running low but it in no way diminishes the fun.


A Segway vehicle sure does have a lot of uses. With its electronically powered battery, this makes it ideal not only for personal use but also for sports. Sports like scooter race, Segway Polo which is like normal Polo but with Segway, pizza delivery and even Golf, these and more can be played using Segway vehicles. Segways can even be used off-road though it has to specifically be an off-road Segway


All E-vehicles from Segway was designed with safety as the topmost priority. Starting from the brakes to the tires and even equipping each vehicle with the appropriate safety instrument and equipment, it is safe to safe Segway is safe.
Manufacturing even children-use Segways, you can say everyone is and has been put into consideration during its manufacturing as Segway is all about safety for everyone.

Battery and Charge

With its fast charging feature and right charger, some Segways takes approximately an hour to charge while some can take up to 5hours. This is determined by the battery and usage of the Segway.
As believed that its batteries are not long lasting, this is false. Segway provides one of the long-lasting, less consuming Li-ion batteries in the market. This although depends solely on the battery capacity.

At this juncture, I will be bringing this aricle to a close. Why you won’t go for a Segway product baffles me. I do hope you understand a bit better now. Till next time, stay safe and when you eventually get your Segway, ensure to drive safely.


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